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Snap Telemetry for your Product

As part of the Digital On Us commitment of Telemetry, we are able to integrate a powerful open telemetry framework to easily collect, process, and publish telemetry data at scale.

  • Empower systems to expose a consistent set of telemetry data

  • Simplify telemetry ingestion across ubiquitous storage systems

  • Allow flexible processing of telemetry data on agent (e.g. filtering and decoration)

  • Provide powerful clustered control of telemetry workflows across small or large clusters

Simplified Workflow

Achieve a single extensible flow starting with data collection at all layers, then transforming the data with basic filtering or adding information for context, and finishing with publishing the processed data to one or more platforms.

Data collection can be taken from Applications, Virtual Machines, Operating Systems and Servers in order to be collected and then filtered or decorated with further context in order to create files, populate databases with/without decorated information or through messaging queues.

Main Processes

Snap Telemetry is well known by having three types of plugins:

  1. Collectors: Apache, Elastic Search, MongoDB, MySQL, SNMP, Syslog, etc.

  2. Processors: Anomalydetection, Logs-openstack, Logs-regexp, Statistics, etc.

  3. Publishers: RabbitMq, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, Graphite, Elastic Search, Casandra, etc.

Flexible Scheduling

Collect telemetry data from different systems and sensors at the time intervals you need whether it’s all the time, on-demand, within a window, or on a cron schedule.

Dynamic Management

Load, update, and unload Plugins without restarting Snap or extra configuration management and as well, update bug fixes, security patching, and improving accuracy in production environments.


Nowadays people are looking for clustered applications. Snap Telemetry has the feature for clustering/tribe and simplify cluster configuration management and to enable scale with less operational cost.

What are the benefits?

Snap and Kubernetes capable has the following:

  • Easy addition of custom metrics

  • Wealth of collectable metrics (plugins)

  • Ability to push metrics to different endpoints simultaneously

  • Ability to process metrics

  • Simple provisioning and maintenance through Kubernetes DaemonSet and Snap Tribe

  • Zero downtime metrics upgrade

Snap Telemetry Dashboard

Snap Workflow

Collect, Process and Publish

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